Never been to Spa Before? Read the below info before you get here!


Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps according to many people including some of the top F1 drivers is “the best Formula One track in the world”. The track is located in the Ardennes region of Belgium about 12km South East of the town of Spa, well known throughout the world for its health giving springs and beautiful countryside. The circuit has an unrivalled pedigree and history, making it a great location for any motoring activities.


The circuit has existed in a number of configurations since the early 1920’s with the current circuit comprising a 7Km loop running in a clockwise direction, with an elevation change of around 100m. The track winds its way through forests and hills rightly earning it the title of “most beautiful track in the world”. Two pit lanes exist at the circuit, namely the F1 (modern) pit lane and the Endurance pit lane. The circuit also contains two of the best corners in the world in Eau Rouge/Radillion and Pouhon and help make this a challenging and rewarding circuit to visit.


The season for Spa is from mid-March until mid-November, although this is being extended by RSR with some winter activities both on and off-track, but this timing is all weather dependent. The busiest months on track are from beginning of May until mid-September, with the track being closed for most weekends during this period due to race meetings such as the World Endurance Championships (early May), Spa Classic, 24 Hours of Spa (end of May), 6 Hours of Spa (mid-September) and not forgetting the Belgian F1 Grand Prix when the track is closed for 3 weeks form mid-August.

The weather is variable at any time of the year around Spa, typical average temperatures range from 2°C/35°F in January to 21°C/69°F in June & July, average rainfall is typically 114mm/4.5 inches in December to 72mm/2.8 inches in August. The benefit of this weather is that it makes the area very green and a beautiful setting for a race track. Start and end of season are typically quieter due to unpredictable weather, however, the track can be enjoyed in most weathers as it is well drained and most corners are predictable no matter if it’s dry or wet.


RSRSpa Premium Trackday

Partner Trackdays

Public Driving PDE

Trackday FormatTrackday FormatTrackday Format
​- Open Pitlane (Access the track at any time)– Can vary depending on the organiser. Could be any of the following:
– Open Pitlane (Access the track at any time)​
– Sessions (Drive for a fixed amount of time, with breaks in between. You can’t join in mid-session if you miss the start.)
– Groups (Cars are arranged into groups. Only one group allowed on the track at a time)
– 25 Minute Sessions with a 5 minute break between each session (Drive for a fixed amount of time, with breaks in between. You can’t join in mid-session if you miss the start.)
– Each Run will follows the Safety Car for the first lap
– Maximum of 5 runs per car possible (Pack of 4 runs + extra run)
Entry NumbersEntry NumbersEntry Numbers
– Limited numbers of cars per event. Maximum of 100 entrants meaning lower numbers of cars on the track at any one time.– Can vary depending on the organiser. Entry numbers can be upwards of 150+ cars, which can cause traffic congestion on track.– Each session can have up to 90 cars. There are 13 sessions in a day, meaning there are hundreds of cars around waiting for their session.
Entry FeeEntry FeeEntry Fee
– €795 for one car and the first driver. (Shoulder season days: €695 and peak season up to €895).
– RSRSpa also offers a trackday club, so if you regularly drive Spa on a RSRSpa premium trackday, you can save money on every entry!
– Can vary depending on the organiser. Lower cost, shoulder season trackdays with more people can start from €400, to double day trackdays in high season for over €2800.– A single 25min session costs €100.
– A pack of four 25min runs costs €290, with the 5th extra session being €90.
Type of Person AttendingType of Person AttendingType of Person Attending
– Like-minded drivers on track ensure a good standard of driving and sportsman-like etiquette
– First timers and amateurs are watched closely and coached by instructors, and are therefore brought up to speed quickly.
– Anyone and everyone.– Anyone and everyone.​
Overtaking RulesOvertaking RulesOvertaking Rules
– Left side only, in corners or in straights, with sportsman-like behaviour encouraged.– Can vary depending on the organiser.
– Some will allow overtaking only on one side, or only on the straights, or only when the person in front lets you past – leaving you at the mercy of the other users on track.
– Either side, but only on the straights.
– Road registered and Race Cars allowed.
– Cars must be capable sports cars with a reasonable amount of horsepower.
– Race Car entries are limited to keep a good balance of speed on track.
– Street tyres, Slicks, full wets allowed.
– Can vary depending on the organiser.
– Normally only Road registered cars, with road legal tyres
– Any type of car – small modified hatchbacks, “boy racer” cars.
– Can be limited to a certain make or type of car (Porsche, Lotus, Italian etc.)
– Road Registered Cars only, street legal tyres only.
– Any type of cars – small modified hatchbacks, “boy racer” cars.
– Every entrant must attend a mandatory safety briefing before being allowed on track.
– Guided convoy track walk before the pitlane opens to point out information and cautionary points of the track (Included in entry price)
– RSRStaff Safety members full time at Race Control to manage traffic. (Risk Detection)
– Can vary depending on the organiser if a safety briefing is required. Most require this.
– Some organisers allow paid for convoy laps to start.
– Briefing done in French, mandatory to be allowed on track.
– First lap is behind a safety car with no overtaking allowed, getting everyone on to track before free driving commences (which can take up to 5-10 minutes of driving time.
Additionally IncludedAdditionally IncludedAdditionally Included
– Runs from the F1 Pitlane.
– All day catering included.
– Lunch at the Pit Brasserie restaurant included.
– Private pitboxes available for hire.
– Champagne tasting from Piper-Heidsieck and snacks at the end of the day.
– Can vary depending on the organiser
– May run from the Endurance pitlane or the F1 pitlane.
– May include catering, or cost to purchase lunch.
– Runs from the Paddock beside the Endurance Pit Lane
– Get to learn the track in a better environment, with less cars on track, sharing with better all-around drivers.
– Maximise your track time.
– The best way to learn the circuit.
– Guided Trackwalk gets newcomers to the circuit up to speed quickly.
– Depending on the organiser and the day, you might get some good time on track.– Low point of entry cost for getting on track
– A good way to experience the circuit casually.


Alongside being the best driving academy at circuit de Spa Francorchamps, we at RSRSpa organise some of the most premium trackdays at this legendary track! Our events include all day catering services, a premium hospitality area to keep you and your guests warm throughout the day, a lunch buffet on the top of the F1 paddock with an amazing view of the track and to wrap it up a Champagne tasting at the end of the day. Before all this begins, Ron Simons – ex racing driver and proud owner of RSRSpa – takes you on an amazing trackwalk all around the F1 GP track. Investigating and explaining about the details on some of the world’s most demanding corners, this is a service that truly has to be experienced. If you want to find yourself amongst self minded people, with all inclusive services, professional instructors on the spot to tutor you for as much as you like, mechanical support and a vast car rental fleet on site then this is the trackday for you. No sessions, no restrictions, no time limit, no worries, no rush. Just driving time and fun until the end of the day.


Absolutely! RSR are happy to welcome drivers and their own cars on any event (as long as the car fits within the specified regulations for the day).


If not bringing your own car, your choice of track car rental depends a lot on your experience behind the wheel, on other tracks and of course your experience on Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is the fastest track on the F1 calendar and has a mix of high speed straights and corners as well as slow speed corners. If it’s your first time at the track we would recommend one of our Renault Megane RS300’s as these are powerful enough for the straights yet safe and predictable in the corners, also depending on the weather they can be as quick around the circuit as many more powerful cars. If you’re determined to drive one of our more powerful cars on your first visit then we insist that you have mandatory tuition with these cars.


Although changing gears for yourself can bring a sense of satisfaction that no automatic can truly match. Changing gears manually also includes a certain risk in case of operation error; in particular mis-shifting into the wrong gear).

In a paddle shift / automatic car there isn’t the same danger of changing into the wrong gear. The computer controls which gears are possible, and when you want the car to go in a lower gear, the computers first calculate if the revs do not exceed the redline. In the case it would exceed the redline, it simply does not allow the selection of the lower gear.

In a manual car there is no such protection. For example: if you are in 3rd gear at the rev limiter and want to change up to 4th gear but instead hit 2nd gear, the car will be damaged due to human error. This not only affects the engine, but also the gearbox, clutch, drive-line, drive shafts and more! In the case of an mis-shift leading to an over-rev you will need to pay for the damages.

When is it NOT advisable for you to drive a manual / stickshift car?

  • When you don’t drive a manual car on a daily basis on the road.
  • When you normally drive a Right Hand Drive car (and the car you want to hire is a Left Hand Drive Manual).
  • When you normally drive a Left Hand Drive car (and the car you want to hire is a Right Hand Drive Manual).
  • When you have NEVER driven a stick shift car on a race track before.
  • When you have had problems before with clutches, gearbox and drivelines on cars.

When one or more of the above is true, then we strongly advise you to switch to a paddle shift car. You can always contact us for advice beforehand. Automatic cars allow you to get down to the business of concentrating on driving on track, not on the task of changing gears in a potentially stressful situation.

If you’re in any way unsure or nervous, then the best thing you can do is pick an automatic car. This way, you can get on with the job of driving and handling traffic, without needing to concentrate on the (sometimes stressful) task of changing gear.


In short, while there is nothing physically stopping you, it is not a good idea. The ‘normal’ rental car companies often have GPS trackers, especially in the high end cars, which could then mean you are liable for (in the best case) new brakes and tires), or no insurance coverage in the case of an accident. You may also be banned from hiring from any and all rental companies for life for this.

See more about this on this page here: – Can you take a rental car on the Nurburgring?


Our car rentals start from 18 years of age and over. Generally, the renter’s age is not key but a driver’s license and the right attitude is! It also depends on the sort of day (weather, traffic levels, track day, road tour or PDE) and experience. What we need to be assured of first however is that you are up to the job. We can do this by organising some private instruction or by starting you off driving in the lower powered cars first.


Passengers need to be a minimum of 16 years of age. Younger passengers will not be allowed to ride along in the cars. Taxi Laps passengers must also be a minimum of 16 years of age.


RSR requires a full driver’s licence from your country of nationality. An international driver’s licence isn’t required.


Keeping in mind that this is this is motorsport, which automatically carries it’s own danger – essentially, if you cause damage to the car, you pay to repair that damage. For a full run down of the processes and steps you can take if you want to reduce the risk, please take the time to read the following page:

We strongly recommend organising third party track insurance when you rent one of our cars. Motorsport is dangerous by nature and high-end sports cars carry a significant value for which you are responsible.


Third party insurance has to be organised by you, as it requires information that only you can provide. Some of our recommendations are below, as many of our customers have used their services and they are familiar with the needs for hiring a car with us. For more information and a quote, please contact the respective company directly.

Keep in mind that the below companies are only recommendations, and there is no connection or liability between the listed insurers and RSR. You are free to choose other companies. Before hiring insurance, do a thorough analysis and be aware of all terms of the contract, in particular the excess (franchise) conditions and exclusions on the final value to be paid to you.

In the unlikely case of an accident, you still have to pay RSR directly for the damages to the car, even if you are insured by another company – but then there is the possibility to claim some of your money back from the company you were insured with afterwards!

For more info about Track insurance, please visit this page of our website. 


To be sure you stay in Belgium will be as comfortable as can be, we put together a list of recommended restaurants and Hotels. We know from our own experience what the best place are to eat or sleep. If you still need advice, don’t hesitate to give us a ring.

Francorchamps (2 min. / Circuit)

Hotel De la Source
Route du Circuit 22, 4970 Francorchamps
+32 87 79 58 00

Hotel Le Relais de Pommard
Rue de Pommard 220, 4970 Francorchamps
+32 87 27 54 24

Hotel Pitlane
Lodge Rue de Spa, 129, 4970 Francorchamps
+32 477 02 00 00

Hostellerie le Roannay
Rue de Spa 155, 4970 Francorchamps
+32 87 27 53 11

Chateau de Francorchamps
Rue du Clozin 21, 4970 Francorchamps
+32 87 27 53 29

Les Lucioles B&B
Route de Ster 6, 4970 Francorchamps
+32 472 87 01 67

Spa (10 min. / Circuit)

Hotel L’Auberge de Spa
Place du Monument 3-4, 4900 Spa
+32 97 77 48 33

Radisson Blu Palace Hotel
Place Royale 39, 4900 Spa
+32 87 27 97 00

Radisson Blu Balmoral
Hotel Avenue Leopold II 40, 4900 Spa
+32 87 79 21 41

Manoir de Lebioles
Domaine de Lebioles 1/5, 4900 Spa
+32 87 79 19 00

Silva Hotel Spa Balmoral
Route de Balmoral 33, 4900 Spa
+32 87 79 32 50

Hotel New-Castle
Avenue de Barisart, 4900 Spa
+32 87 77 19 77

Hotel l’Ecrin d’Ô
Rue de la Sauvenière 108, 4900 Spa
+32 87 78 76 15

Hotel La Villa des Fleurs à Spa
Rue Albin Body 31, 4900 Spa
+32 87 79 50 50

Hotel La Reine
Avenue Reine Astrid 86, 4900 Spa
+32 87 77 52 10

Hotel La Tonnellerie
Parc des 7 heures 1, 4900 Spa
+32 87 77 22 84

Stavelot (10 min. / Circuit)

Le Val D’Ambleve
Route de Malmedy 7, 4970 Stavelot
+32 80 28 14 40

Hotel Dufays
Rue Neuve 115, 4970 Stavelot
+32 80 54 80 08

Guesthouse Brasserie Balthazar Stavelot
Place Saint-Remacle 6, 4970 Stavelot
+32 80 44 86 00

L’Auberge Saint-Remacle
Avenue Ferdinand Nicolay 9, 4970 Stavelot
+32 80 86 20 47

Malmedy (10 min. / Circuit)

Hotel L’Esprit Sain
Chemin Rue 46, 4960 Malmedy
+32 80 33 03 14

Manufacture de Malmedy
Route de Waimes 19B, 4960 Malmedy
+32 471 440 403

Hotel Albert 1er 40
Place Albert Ier 40, 4960 Malmedy
+32 80 33 04 52

La Ferme du Pere Eugene
Large Voie 4, 4960 Malmedy
+32 80 33 97 64

My Hotel Malmedy
Rue Devant les Grands Moulins 25, 4960 Malmedy
+32 80 78 00 00

Pepinster (25 min. / Circuit)

Chateu Charles
Rue Chalseche 71, 4860 Pepinster
+32 476 360 050

Verviers (25 min. / Circuit)

Hotel Verviers Van der Valk
Rue de la Station 4, 4800 Verviers
+32 87 30 56 56

Winamplanche (25 min. / Circuit)

Holiday House Gite Kooa
Rue Haftay 9, 4910 Winamplanche
+32 97 77 48 33

Robertville (25 min. / Circuit)

Hotel des Bains & Wellness
Haelen 2, 4950 Robertville
+32 80 67 95 71

Chaudfontaine (45 min. / Circuit)

La Chateau des Thermes
Rue Hauster 9, 4050 Chaudfontaine
+32 80 67 95 71

Francorchamps (2 min. / Circuit)

Grill Steak House Le Relais de Pommard
Dinner – Steak
Rue de Pommard 220, 4970 Francorchamps
+32 87 27 54 24

Acqua Rossa
Lunch, Dinner – Italian
Rue de Pommard 207, 4970 Francorchamps
+32 87 22 00 00

Pitlane Lodge Restaurant
Lunch, Dinner – Meat, Local
Rue de Spa 129, 4970 Francorchamps
+32 477 02 00 00

Hotel De la Source
Dinner – International
Route du Circuit 22, 4970 Francorchamps
+32 87 79 58 00

Restaurant le Roannay
Dinner – French
Rue de Spa 155, 4970 Francorchamps
+32 87 27 53 11

Spa (10 min. / Circuit)

L’Auberge de Spa
Dinner – International
Place du Monument 3-4, 4900 Spa
+32 87 77 48 33

Cafe de l’Europe
Lunch – Dinner – International
Place Royale 4, 4900 Spa
+32 87 22 11 27

L’Olivier Pizzeria
Lunch, Dinner – Italian, Pizza
Rue Royale 25, 4900 Spa
+32 87 47 58 50

L’Art de Vivre
Lunch, Dinner – French
Avenue Reine Astrid 53, 4900 Spa
+32 87 77 04 44

La Tonnellerie a Spa
Dinner – French
Parc des 7 heures 1, 4900 Spa
+32 87 77 22 84

L’O De Source
Dinner – Fine dining, European
Place Pierre le Grand 2, 4900 Spa
+32 87 22 11 39

La Belle Epoque
Dinner – French, Belgian, European
Place du Monument 15, 4900 Spa
+32 87 77 54 03

Dinner – Seafood, Mediterranean
Avenue Reine Astrid 52, 4900 Spa
+32 87 64 61 36

Stavelot (10 min. / Circuit)

Le Val D’Ambleve Restaurant
Lunch, Dinner – Fine Dining, French
Route de Malmedy 7, 4970 Stavelot
+32 80 28 14 40

Lunch, Dinner – International
Pont de Cheneux 2, 4970 Stavelot
+32 473 459 443

Au Coin de Ma Bulle
Lunch, Dinner – French, Seasonal
Rue Henri Massange 11, 4970 Stavelot
+32 471 68 42 36

Pizzeria Figaro
Dinner – Craft beer, Belgian
Place du Vinave 4, 4970 Stavelot
+32 80 86 42 86

Brasserie Balthazar Stavelot
Lunch, Dinner
Place Saint-Remacle 6, 4970 Stavelot
+32 80 44 86 00

L’Auberge Saint-Remacle
Lunch, Dinner – Belgian
Avenue Ferdinand Nicolay 9, 4970 Stavelot
+32 80 86 20 47

Malmedy (10 min. / Circuit)

La Dona Trattoria
Lunch, Dinner – Italian
Avenue des Alliés 5-21, 4960 Malmedy
+32 491 30 41 16

La Charbonnade Restaurant
Dinner – Meat / Steak
Rue devant l’Etang 11, 4960 Malmedy
+32 80 33 95 34

Le Sparta Restaurant Grec
Lunch, Dinner – Greek
Avenue des Allies 23, 4960 Malmedy
+32 80 33 91 11

Aux Flo-raisons de Guy
Dinner – French
Les Closures 2, 4960 Malmedy
+32 80 68 50 55

Five Points Brasserie
Restaurant Lunch, Dinner – French
Route de Luxembourg 10, 4960 Malmedy
+32 80 44 04 81

My Hotel Malmedy
Lunch, Dinner – International
Rue Devant les Grands Moulins 25, 4960 Malmedy
+32 80 78 00 00

Asia Delices
Lunch, Dinner – Asian
Rue du Commerce 6, 4960 Malmedy
+32 80 34 18 41

Coo (15 min. / Circuit)

Le Baron
Lunch – Dinner – French, Belgian
Petit Coo 6, 4970 Stavelot
+32 80 68 46 76

Jalhay – Sart-les-Spa (25 min. / Circuit)

Le Bouchon Gourmand
Dinner – French, Belgian
Route du Lac 5, 4845 Jalhay
+32 87 77 24 33

Le Chalet Suisse
Lunch, Dinner – Cheese Fondue Special
Route de Balmoral 35, 4845 Jalhay
+32 87 77 57 16