Trackday Calendar 2024

Date Entry Price Book a Trackday Space
01+02.05.2024 (Wed+Thu) 2 Days: 1890€ SOLD OUT
01.05.2024 (Wed) 995€ SOLD OUT
02.05.2024 (Thu) 995€ SOLD OUT
15.06.2024 (Sat) 1195€ SOLD OUT
10.07.2024 (Wed) 995€ SOLD OUT
08.08.2024 (Thu) 995€ SOLD OUT
16+17.09.2024 (Mon + Tue) 2 Days: 2090€ SOLD OUT
16.09.2024 (Mon) 1095€ SOLD OUT
17.09.2024 (Tue) 1095€ SOLD OUT
07+08.10.2024 (Mon + Tue) 2 Days: 1890€ Book now!
07.10.2024 (Mon) 995€ Book now!
08.10.2024 (Tue) 995€ Book now!
09.11.2024 (Sat) 795€ Book now!

Optional Extras

  • Additional Driver: 249€ per day (RSRSpa Club members receive 50% discount on first additional driver per event)
  • Guest / Passenger: 125€ per day (RSRSpa Club members receive 50% discount on up to 5 guests per event)
  • Pitbox: 349€ per day
  • Race Team Pricing: +1005€ per day (Mandatory for race teams. Includes 2x extra drivers, 3x mechanics, 1x pitbox. Max 10 race cars per event)
  • Private Instruction: 2 Hours 498€
  • Private Instruction: Half Day / 4 Hours 699€
  • Private Instruction: Full Day 1199€

RSRSpa Premium Trackdays are events organised by RSR directly. This means you can be assured of the quality of the track time, meaning you get the best possible value for your entry and the best possible driving time on the track!

RSRSpa Premium Trackdays at a glance:

  • An open pitlane format, meaning you can access the track at any time (No sessions or groups).
  • A limited amount of entries, meaning less cars on track at any one time.
  • An emphasis on safety with a mandatory safety briefing for all drivers.
  • Sportsman-like behaviour emphasised
  • Road and Race cars allowed (SUVs and Open wheel not allowed)
  • Full wet and slick tyres allowed
  • A complimentary guided convoy trackwalk in the morning lead by RSRSpa CEO Ron Simons.
  • RSRSpa Driving Instructors available with a range of languages (English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish and more)
  • Normally runs from the modern Formula One Pitlane (In Exception from the Endurance Pitlane)
  • The best way to experience the circuit
  • Noise Limit: 103dB dynamic, 107dB static
  • All day catering and lunch included
  • Private pit boxes with prior day setup possible


RSRSpa Premium Trackdays – the difference:

RSRSpa guarantee a great and relaxed day on track for both novices and experienced drivers alike. We have a proven record of minimum incidents during trackdays due to the following facts:

  • We run a Trackday, NOT a test or raceday: The strict driving code is; patience, respect, enjoying the track, defensive driving, no competition, no lap timing, going the distance.
  • Low numbers: A typical number of participants at Spa on a trackday is 120. We at RSR only take 100 at the very maximum. That is a good 20% less than average. This contributes to less traffic on average, less overtaking and a better experience for everybody
  • Open Pitlane full day, no sessions: You can go out whenever you want. This spreads out the drivers and means the overall number of cars on track at any given time is lower.
  • Briefings and trackwalk: Given the fact that we do not need to explain to anyone how to have fun on the best track in the world, we can fully concentrate and spend time on talking about the ‘driving code’ and ‘safety standards’. During these briefing sessions it is exactly explained what we mean by this. If there is a complaint about someones driving by 2 other (independent) participants, this will mean this person is excluded from the event. We run strict events with a set driving code and almost never have issues.
  • Typical Customers on RSRSpa’s trackdays: Our customers are people who enjoy their cars and want to drive them on the best tracks in the world. People who enjoy in-control sport driving on track. What we don’t have (and don’t want) are: Hotshots who need to prove themselves; racing drivers without respect that drive “mirror to mirror”. Drivers that don’t allow a faster car to overtake due to their ego being too big.
  • Type of Cars on the event: A majority of higher value, road registered, sports cars means respectful drivers on track. We avoid “boy racers” in cheap cars, who have nothing to lose and a lot to prove.


Typical Program

Time Event
(Day Prior) 17:00 – 20:00 Early Sign in at RSRSpa Office
From 7:30 Trackday sign in at the track (RSRSpa Pitbox)
9:00 – 10:00 Guided “track walk”
10:00 – 12:00 Open Pitlane Driving
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch Break
13:00 – 18:00 Open Pitlane Driving

What is the Guided Track Walk? The guided track walk lets you get up close and personal with the circuit. Don’t worry though – we won’t make you walk the entire 7km track! We line up our cars in the pitlane shortly before 9:00, and then drive slowly around the circuit, making stops at the most important corners. RSRSpa CEO Ron Simons will then give you insider information on the best way to drive the track. Get up personal with the circuit like never before!


RSR Spa Trackday Club

Join the RSRSpa Trackday club and save on every trackday entry! Find out more at the link below!


After 6 Calendar 2024

Date After 6 Program style Entry Price
09.07.2024 Convoy Training 449€ Book Online
07.08.2024 Convoy Training 449€ Book Online
16.09.2024 Convoy Training 449€ Book Online

2024 Trackday dates coming soon!

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Optional Extras

Misc Pricing

  • Additional driver: 75€
  • Guest / Passenger: 25€
  • Car Rental Packages: from 599€
  • Full time individual instruction: 498€

After 6 Car Rental Prices

What are After 6 Sessions?

The exclusive RSRSpa “After 6” evening sessions allow you to get on track for two hours in the beautiful summer evenings at Spa-Francorchamps. This is a great way to get on track within a budget, or to get a few extra hours practice on track in a training environment before a full trackday! These sessions also form an ideal combination with a Tourist Sessions at the Nurburgring the day before or after.

After 6 Sessions information at a glance:

  • Drive for two hours on track
  • From 6pm – 8pm in the evening
  • Guided Training in a Convoy Style (Max 5 cars per group)
  • Combines well with a RSRSpa Premium Trackday to help get you up to speed quickly!
  • Please note – Noise limt: 95dB

More info:

For more info about After 6 sessions click here: RSRSpa After Six Sessions


Other Tracks Calendar 2024

Date Circuit Price Notes
17.05.2024 (Friday) Nürburgring GP Track (Germany) Entry: 825€ SOLD OUT
06.09.2024 (Friday) Nürburgring Nordschleife (Germany) Entry: 1195€
Race Car (T13): +400€
Book online!
PORTUGAL Download the flyer 
15.04.2024 (Monday) Circuit Portimao (Portugal) Full event – 3 Days: 2750€ SOLD OUT
16.04.2024 (Tuesday) Circuit Portimao (Portugal) Full event – 3 Days: 2750€ SOLD OUT
18.04.2024 (Thursday) Circuit Estoril (Portugal) Full event – 3 Days: 2750€ SOLD OUT
01.07.2024 (Monday) 5pm – 7pm Circuit Zandvoort
02.07.2024 (Tuesday) Circuit Zandvoort Full event (1.5 Days): 1315€ Book online!

2024 Trackday dates coming soon!

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RSR Premium Trackdays on other circuits

RSR also offers the same premium trackday events on other circuits! If you’re looking to also experience other tracks in the best way possible, the this is the way to start!